How to Find the Best Cleaning Services for Your Home

The gift of time is perhaps one of the most valuable treasures in the modern age. With work days getting longer and schedules getting busier, cleaning services have become more of a necessity than a luxury. If you’re trying to find the best cleaning services for your home, you need to know how that cleaning service operates and if you can trust them in your home.

This process begins with interviewing the cleaning company with the right questions. After you’ve gathered your list of cleaning services, it’s time to call the company and ask a few questions. Not only will this give you the opportunity to test their responsiveness, it will give you insights into the type of people the cleaning service will send to your home.

By having your potential maid services answer the following questions, you will find the best cleaning services for your home.

How do you set your rates?

Rates will vary from service to service, but the majority of services are based around an hourly rate. If you’re calling for a special project, they may offer a flat rate. Go in knowing what you’re willing to pay. Most home services will offer a free estimate, so you know what you’re getting into. Likewise, you may want to opt for a heavy cleaning the first time and then settle into a less frequent hourly schedule. Whatever the case, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Ask if you can set a limit on hours or if they can guarantee how many hours your home will take based on the estimate.

Do you background check your workers?

A reputable cleaning service is one that conducts background checks on potential employees. When you hire an individual cleaner- it’s on you to conduct a background check. If you hire a service, it will be on them. Whatever you choose, make sure you a background check has been conducted on the person you’re letting into your home.

Will you send the same maid to my house every time?

For some, this may not be an issue. For others, this could make the difference. Ask the cleaning service whether or not they will be sending the same cleaner to your house every time. If you prefer the same person every time, ask if they are willing to accommodate you.

Are you insured?

A good cleaning service will have policies in place that protect clients in the event that an object is broken, damaged, or comes up missing in the home. If you have precious objects in your home, make sure that you’re cleaning service has some type of insurance. Not only will this give you piece of mind that should something break it will be corrected, it will also prove the legitimacy of the cleaning service at hand.

Do your employees have workers compensation?

Typically, those that hire employees instead of subcontracting them come equipped with worker’s compensation. Which means if the cleaner gets hurt in your home, it’s on the cleaning service and not on you. If you have a particularly dangerous property, it will be in your best interest to hire a service with workers compensation.

Do you bring your own cleaning supplies and needed equipment?

In the vast majority of cases, cleaning services will bring their own equipment and supplies. However, this isn’t guaranteed all the time. If you have allergies or want green products used in your home, now is the time to ask the cleaners if they can accommodate.

How will the maid enter my home?

Depending on your schedule, you may always be there to open the door. If not, you need to make sure that there is a plan in place for entering your home. Though you may be tempted to leave a key under the doormat, your cleaner may be uncomfortable with that option. Make sure that you and the cleaning service are on the same page.

What should I do with my pets?

Always tell the cleaning service if you have pets. Some cleaners are fine with pets wandering the home where others may ask that you kennel your dog during their visit. Either way, letting your cleaning service know about dog ensures that they don’t send the maid with a lifelong fear of dogs.

Are you willing to provide your answers in writing?

The best way to avoid disagreements and more importantly, end up with the right service the first time is to get everything in writing. Though housecleaning may not be what you think of when you think ‘business,’ it still is a business. Protect your home and your wallet by making sure that everything you’ve discussed will be in writing.


By the time you’ve interviewed your potential maids with this list of questions, you should have an easy time selecting the best cleaning services for your home. If you’re caught between two services, consider selecting the services with more years in business. Though new companies may serve you just as well, older services have a reputation and standard to maintain.

How did you find your housekeeper? Why do you need one? Share your story in the comments.