Does Your Current Living Area Accommodate Your Space Needs?

If you have a growing family, you may notice that you are competing for space. If so, you may be considering moving house. On the other hand, adding an extension is also a viable solution. Builder companies such as Lee Swingler Brick & Stonework handle all types of extension work.

Expansion and Maintenance Services

When extensions are carried out, everything from the design to planning is included. Extensions are made to single- and double-storey homes as well as to kitchens. By investing in this type of renovation, you can decidedly increase your home’s value. You may also want to modernise your property and invest in groundwork or maintenance services. If you can use a builder that handles these other types of services, you can expand your living space as well as improve your property’s overall looks.

An Ideal Place to Settle and Call Home

When you work with builders in Northampton, you can personalise your living space by including an extension. After all, when you own a home in Northampton, it pays to make improvements because this is a place where people generally like to settle. Archaeological evidence supports this claim as the area was a settlement back in Roman times. Even the Great Fire of Northampton in 1675 did not deter people from living in the town.

The town was quickly rebuilt and grew rapidly in the 1700s. Therefore, any plans for an extension should be strongly considered. When you extend your living area, you can also consider the various designs that you can integrate into the added space.

The Modern Architectural Style

For instance, one style that is often used today is the modern architectural style. This umbrella term is applied to a number of styles that are related by a common denominator of materials, technology, and patterns that are defined by functionality and authenticity.

Mid-Century Modern Styles

You can also gain inspiration by considering a mid-century modern decor. This type of look is associated with a style that was embraced after World War II. The design is distinguished by the vivid use of hues, crisp-appearing lines, and engagement with the great outdoors.

The Minimalist Look

Minimalist looks are also featured in extensions provided by such companies as Lee Swingler Brick & Stonework. This type of design was initiated by the Minimalist movement that began in the 1960s. It uses an aesthetic that depends on functionality.

As a result, minimalist looks are free of clutter or distraction. They maximise the visual impact whilst underscoring the use of space. Therefore, elements in the décor make use of hidden storage and colours that are hushed. Extensions built with minimalist intentions highlight repetition and a generous application of natural light.

Naturally, your own selection may differ from some of the aforementioned styles, which makes an extension an exciting project to pursue. You can provide your own support in how you want to the space to look. Regardless of what you eventually select in a design, make sure that your efforts are backed by a full-service building company.